Queen Anne’s County Department of Emerge

Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services would like to convey a heartfelt thanks, to all of the staff and volunteers who helped make the second annual Across the Bay 10K a huge success!

On Sunday, November 8th, 2015 over 21,000 participants crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge for the second annual Across the Bay 10K race. There were multiple agencies and organizations that made this event a success. Over 100 law enforcement officers from at least 10 agencies came together to keep the crowds safe and keep traffic flowing. Over 65 EMS professionals from 8 counties were on hand to support the event.

An example of the 8 counties working together is when a 73 year old man collapsed on the bridge in sight of Dorchester County Paramedic 600. Paramedics from Dorchester along with the help of EMS providers from Preston, Charles County, a MTA Officer and numerous bystanders sprung to action and were able to revive him and transport him to the hospital. He is currently in critical but stable condition.

Without the assistance of our public safety partners this event would not have been a glowing success, said Scott Haas Director of Emergency Services, and we are indebted to them for their help. I also have to recognize the dedicated staff of Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services. Everyone went above and beyond the call of duty making it privilege to watch their plans come to fruition.

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